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Hello all,

I know this question must answered already somewhere in the forum but I was not able to find it so I am sorry for “doubling”.
How is it with pricing? CEO of company I am working for is deciding between the Core and the FX licence. We know the difference(it is clearly described) but during short time we need Core features(SOPs and modeling features) without FX and in the upcomming future we will start project with dynamic simulations(flip fluids and particles) so the upgrade to FX will be necessary.
My question is: is it possible to buy just Core license at the moment and then upgrade with some payment to FX?

Thank you and my apology for stupid question.

PS: if my post is doubling this question, do not hesitate to delete it and if possible direct me to existing one answering my question.
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questions about pricing/licensing are best amswered by support - support@sidefx.com

but you might want to look into Renting also
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