How to debug invalid Thrift HAPI_Session

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I'm trying to setup a Thrift session to add SessionSync to our custom engine.

Both HAPI_CreateThriftNamedPipeSession and HAPI_Initialize calls return HAPI_RESULT_SUCCESS, and Houdini Console reports "Client connected" but HAPI_IsSessionValid will always return HAPI_RESULT_FAILURE. I noticed that HAPI_Initialize do throw some exception (HOM_OperationFailed).

I tried both named pipe and socket based sessions with no luck. Weirdly everything else using the "invalid" session seems to be fine, I can create nodes and cook them but I don't see anything happening in Houdini and all the SessionSync related functions return random data (HAPI_GetSessionSyncInfo, HAPI_GetViewport, etc...).

I'm building for Windows and using an Indie license.

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

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