WIP - Unity Procedural Animated Seaweed [GameArt]

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Hello, this is my first project in Houdini. I am more on shaders and i wanted to see what i can do with Houdini. As first project I decided to make seaweed generator with animation and geometry calculation on the run with compute shader. In the end works quite well.

- LOD support
- image processor removing any unnecessary triangles
- procedural Texture Generator with Substance Designer
- player collision and damping to water level

- number of Leaves and stalks
- min, max size for leaves
- number of leaves on texture atlas
- random direction and scatter
- curves for wind, bending
- bending and twisting the stalks

To do:
- Setting up wedges and removing unnecessary parameters

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Screenshot of the network

Calculated vectors that will be coded in mesh.

Tool in Unity

Test in simple enviro
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