Known issues for the Unity plugin

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This post will be used to describe known critical issues, and the versions of their fixes.

  • 18.5.555 - 18.5.568 - Unstable behaviour when trying to create a curve using URP ( Fixed in 18.5.569.
  • (18.5.743 - 18.5.753) / (19.0.420 - 19.0.432) - There have been reports of duplicate or missing geometry after changing the default behaviour to use output nodes. Should be fully fixed in 18.5.754/19.0.433.
  • Fixed an issue where editable nodes (including curve::1.0) not being processed correctly. (18.5.757 / 19.0.434)
  • "HDA will not automatically recook / Index out of range error". Fixed in Houdini 19.0.441. As a temporary workaround, disabling "Child Transform Change Triggers Cook" in the Plugin settings should also work.
  • Much of Houdini Scene View UI (e.g. Curves, Save/Load presets) does not work in 2021.2.1f1. Should be fixed in Unity 2021.2.3f. []
  • "Attribute paint, or other attribute store operations no longer shows the Editable Node Tools option" - Fixed in Houdini 19.0.464.
  • "Duplicate outputs for editable or inputs". Broken in 19.0.465. Fixed in Houdini 19.0.468.
  • Creating a curve (or editable node) causes: "Composing Child Node List : Invalid argument given: Node is not a network node so it has no children!" error for certain editable nodes (curves). Fixed in 19.0.499
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