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We’re crewing up at BDH on some exciting projects. Here’s our website! https://www.bdh.net/ [www.bdh.net]

Our ideal FX Technical Director will have:
- Career training in VFX and a strong portfolio or demo reel
- Sound familiarity with cinematography and lighting; solid knowledge of the filmmaking process
- Understanding of a VFX pipeline, software development, and how to code and integrate custom tools
- Advanced understanding of physics and how particles move within the natural world
- Proficiency with volume modelling, fluid & gas algorithms, and geometry generation
- Extensive knowledge of Houdini

Responsibilities in the role:
- Build and test software tools for the VFX artists to use
- Stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques
- Make sure the effects look consistent and convincing
- Overcome obstacles, use current technology to find new ways to achieve a creative vision
- Work in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard

If you’re interested please can you share your showreel/CV to tish@bdh.net and let us know when you are next available.
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