connect start-end point spline for smooth NURBS curve

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HI guys.
I'm trying to create an uniform nurbs curve started by labs spiral that will be used as camera path for a looped animation.

The issue is the start/end point at the bottom that is not connected and fused and as result the start/end of the animation is not working properly.
Someone knows a way how to solve this problem?
Thank you.

hip file and screen attached
please ignore multiple edits that works for shaping the spline.
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spline.hipnc (388.8 KB)

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You could use an Ends SOP to close the curve with Close Rounded U and Preserve Shape U, then delete the last point and copy back the position of the points before the Ends SOP to get a smooth result back.

There's probably a better way, but maybe this already works for you?

spline.hipnc (396.2 KB)

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