SideFXwas pleased to participate at Gamescom Asia 2022 where our guests  

spoke about exciting ways that Houdini is being used to create video game experiences. 

Check out the presentation recordings below.

Room 336 on October 20, 2022


10:00 AM SGT

Alvaro Garcia   | Mayhem Mirror

11:00 AM SGT

Yunus Balcioglu | Freelance

Recordings of the HIVE presentations are posted below...

Thursday | Oct 20 | 10:00 AM SGT
The Magic of Houdini Building the Universe of CRETE    

Explore all the areas where Houdini is helping to build the videogame CRETE. From procedural modeling, to motion editing and retargeting in KineFX, to the powerful and extensive toolset of LABS. And how all these workflows are not just speeding up the production, but powering up the game design and its creative choices.

Álvaro Garcia is an independent filmmaker and game designer. He grew up in Madrid and developed a passion for animation and filmmaking from an early age. He officially kicked off his career in 2010 as a 3D generalist. In 2014, Álvaro directed and produced a short animated film SUMER, which swept a number of selections and awards within the festival circuit, including an official selection at the Academy-qualifying Cleveland Film Festival. As a VFX artist, Álvaro has worked with a number of top facilities, including MPC, ILM and DNEG where he developed visual effects for a number of box office successes, such as The Jungle Book, Ready Player One, Avengers, Pacific Rim and Matrix 4, to mention a few. In 2020 with the release of The Seed of Juna pilot, Álvaro founded Mayhem Mirror Studios and won an EPIC Megagrant, to continue with the pre-production of the full-length feature film but also working as a director and game designer in CRETE, a multiplayer biopunk videogame.

Thursday | Oct 20 | 11:00 AM SGT
Face Peeling Using KineFX     

Creating a polygon folding based face peeling setup using KineFX that's highly procedural and art directable.

Yunus Balcioglu is a Senior FX Technical Director with experience from studios such as Industrial Light & Magic and MPC. Feature film credits include The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Marvel's Eternals, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Aquaman, Alien: Covenant, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and many more. He previously worked in Silicon Valley building an interactive lidar, radar, camera analyzation and visualization tool for Lyft's Level 5 Autonomous Vehicle Division in Palo Alto. Before working in feature-film visual effects, he worked in the game industry as a Technical Artist at EA. He also creates advanced Houdini tutorials [] focused on high-end feature film visual effects production, where he goes over theory and implementation to help you build your own advanced setups: 

Thursday | Oct 20 | 1:00 PM SGT
DGW with PCG Tech -- Houdini Working in the Digital Great Wall Project          

Showing the techniques of Houdini we used in the Digital Great Wall project. And how we use these techniques to design our tools and pipelines.

Yuyu Zhao is a Technical Artist in CROS, Tencent Games, 15+ experience in the game industry

Thursday | Oct 20 | 2:15 PM SGT
How we use Houdini to Elevate our Teams and Provide Value for our Partners

This presentation will explore how we use Houdini in our everyday production process. We'll take a look at how it elevates our internal teams and how we use it to provide value for our partners. This talk will explore why, when and how we use Houdini along with some real world examples and shipped games use cases.

Solomon Temowo has held a variety of roles including Art Director, Producer, CEO, and Development Director. With nearly two decades of experience in the gaming industry, he has founded two companies. He is credited on some of the biggest games in the world and is now a co-founder of Neon Doctrine, where he leads their global development teams.