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Best Game Art Asset Entries 2022年11月30日17:51

Hello everyone,

For this challenge I made something we all need... A Bath Tub Generator

It takes polygon curves as input and converts them into a bathtub (and faucet) with 3 style options(each style with their own parameters). The output assigns vertex colors based on curvature that can then be used for masking in the material in Unreal (hence why everything is green and red in the Houdini view).

Now you might be wondering... why? Well, I discovered this competition a bit late and had to come up with a unique idea. I have in fact found a use for this HDA. In a game jam earlier this year, I made a game called "Bath Time". In the game I just hand modeled one basic tub and called it good. But for this tech art challenge I decided to challenge my procedural modelling skills and made a Bath Tub Generator. I did my best to cover each edge case and was quite happy with how it turned out. And of course, this could always be used for some Arch-viz. If you're interested in the game-jam game, it's linked at the bottom.

Some key features/parameters:
  • Polygon curve to create tub shape
  • 3 Style options, each with their own parameters
  • Dynamic faucet position based on desired tub shape
  • Edge specific beveling (for wall-insert tub style)
  • Curvature, bend, tapering of tub shape

Below is a detailed video of me going through the parameters and my thought processes (sorry if there are any audio issues, didn't have time to edit much). Thanks!

Inspired by my game jam game:
"Bath Time" []

WIP - PolyHaven Asset Importer - PHAI - [Houdini Utility] 2022年11月25日23:34

Finally managed to finish help doc

Very nice, importers are always tricky and documenting everything on top of that -- sweet