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Strange artifacts 2021年3月11日19:59

Hi! I'm getting some artifacts in a very simple scene of some grids.
It's two area lights with samples in 4
A environmental light with samples at 4
Render quality 2
I have tried setting all samples up and down, changing the parameters of the grids for more mesh resolution, and always the same errors.

BTW, I am nacho, a very new user with Houdini Indie.

Which is the best way to learn Houdini? 2020年4月28日12:53

Great links, thanks!

Enabling Renderman for Houdini 17.5. Installing Pro server 2020年2月19日15:35

I am trying to make it work Renderman in Houdini 18.0.348, I have downloaded the last prman 23.1 that comes with the pro server.

But it doesn't work. It gives me an error. “Unable to execute prman”.

The fail can be on the plugin side or the Houdini side, I don't know, but I have prman working in Maya without problem.

It's only for testing, I don't need prman in Houdini, I am learning Mantra. But It would be cool.