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KineFx animation workflow 2021年1月15日4:18

Amazing Hektor,

These look really good.
I'm knee deep in a project a the mo, but i'll check them out soon as the heat is off.
Incidently, how are your rig speeds?
I'm finding them pretty good - once i've worked around a few slow nodes.
Suspect that the viewport is limiting them a little, but seems good.

KineFx animation workflow 2020年12月21日4:48

hi Hektor.

I'm doing pretty much the same. By hand though - so I'd love to see how you've automated this with your script.
Also dragging in null transforms directly from Obj level. But you lose a bit of functionaltity that way.
There appears to be a few Kinefx nodes that are surprisingly slow, so i'm currently looking at dieffernet options for those.

It's all cool though - and we're using this in a production right now. In all honesty there's more niggles on the animation side of things than the rigging. Hopefully that side of things will get some love too.

KineFx animation workflow 2020年11月26日4:31

Thanks CShannon,

Snap, I gave up with the rigpose, and like you dragged in null ctrls from Obj.
Kinda got a biped working quite nicely.
It's way faster than a Obj level rig stuffed full of Chops and IK bone solvers. And infinitely quicker to change proportions.

But it's a real shame bout the rig pose. There's a load of functionality lost by having to pull in Obj anim.
Hopefully that'll get some love in the near future.