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Houdini error. Help Please July 20, 2006, 8:33 p.m.

I have no idea or not if this will help.
I have a similar problem on my laptop that has sbc/home-portal software for my DSL.

Sounds to me like your licenses are not installing properly automatically.
Basically there is something on your computer that prevents Houdini from directly generating the keys.
In programs->sidefx there is the ability to launch the “license administrator” independently.
In here you can see under the “installed licenses” if you have any valid licenses installed.
If you don't see anything in that tab, then they aren't installed.
If there is nothing there are you immediately screwed?
Maybe not.

As longs as you have account to generate them on the sidefx web page.
http://service.sidefx.com [service.sidefx.com]
you can enter them manually.
On this page you can log in and generate your “keys”,
and then use the stand-alone license administrator to enter them manually.
file(pull down menu)–>manually enter keys.

the sidefx page may ask you for your “system/machine code” which you can get from the license administrator by
view(pulldown menu)—> diagnostic information.

there is also info on the previously mention sidefx page to walk you through it.
This will work for commercial licenses, for “apprentice licenses” I'm not sure.

hope that helps


copy stamp the L-system rules (turtle randomizing)? July 11, 2006, 3:45 a.m.

Yeah I was afraid that the Copy sop didn't use strings,
but it was funny because I didn't get an error flag in either the “Copy” or the “Lystem”…
and with either of those, you cant just click next to the parameter value and see your input/output data.

But what both you guys suggested works wonderfully!
Thanks so much!
Antoine's seems to be exactly what I'm after…
and sick/amazing things are starting to happen.

copy stamp the L-system rules (turtle randomizing)? July 10, 2006, 8:54 a.m.

Hey there,

This might be a silly question

It looks as if variables (for “Stamping”) from a copy sop can't be used in the “rules” of an L-system.

can they?

I would love to be able to randomize my copies of an l-system on a template geometry on a “turtle/rule” level.
No problem “stamping” things like “generations”.
Doesn't look like it can be done to the “rules” though.


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