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Kai Stavginski has been a Senior Technical Director for SideFX Software since 2014. In that time, he's mostly been busy in the areas of shading and fur tools. He started in the industry as a generalist in 2004, spent some time as a rigger for an animated feature and then created VFX for major Hollywood blockbusters for several years. He used Houdini to get the job done and now uses his extensive industry experience in his development work on the software itself.


My Talks

obj-image FMX
Shading in Houdini 16
obj-image FMX
Fur in Houdini 16
obj-image Character FX Talks
Hair and Fur Grooming in H17

My Tutorials

obj-image Masterclass
Fur & Hair Grooming Toolset | H16.5 Masterclass
obj-image Masterclass
New Shading Features | H16 Masterclass
obj-image Masterclass
Custom Shading | H16 Masterclass
obj-image Masterclass
Hair and Fur Masterclass

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Would like help from Kai on Shaders Oct. 18, 2019, 3:22 a.m.


all you need to get a basic AOV is the bind export VOP. Set Layer Export is only needed when layering multiple shaders.

Can you get your export_customDiffuse to work at all?

You have to set up a corresponding image plane of the same data type on the Mantra ROP as well, maybe that part is missing in your setup?

@pickled I believe we already have an RFE for that. My main obstacle with adding that sort of functionality is the resulting UI clutter. I may tackle that sort of stuff for the next release (after 18).

Would like help from Kai on Shaders Oct. 17, 2019, 11:29 a.m.

Hi, I'd be happy to answer your question.

Skin UVs to Hair Feb. 6, 2019, 4:46 a.m.

In that screenshot of the network editor it looks like you tried to attribpromote the uv attribute, did that not help?

I would have suggested promoting ‘uv’ to a vertex or point attribute.