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A junior technical artist working at Remedy Entertainment using Houdini to hopefully make everyones life better! I'm a graduate student from IGAD (International Games Architecture & Design) at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, (formerly known as NHTV) and to date have worked with Houdini for three years.


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obj-image Beginner
Basics of Heightfields
obj-image Intermediate
White Box Conversion System

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Landscapes retaining information May 7, 2018, 3:23 p.m.


I've been messing with heightfields in unreal using houdini engine.
They mostly work fine except for when I start layer painting on an input landscape.
When I use this layer painted landscape as input for a hda, it will process just fine but, it will lose all
the layer info (and world composition data) afterwards.
Would anyone know a way to get around this?