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Houdini with Linux SSD Swap Partition Size Practicality? July 26, 2018, 2:27 p.m.

The answer was a lot simpler with old spinning drives but with these modern SSD's I don't know what to think…

From what I understand minimum for a SWAP partion is 1x system ram for hibernation purposes. Old trusty defacto is 2x for make swapping the easiest for the system as you can literally move the system ram out of memory twice for swapping. But with spinning drives they were too slow to really make use of that volume of data. Anything over 16GB was ridiculous as your machine would take exponential hours to grind through all the swap work going on.

Given that a lot of drives these days that are SSD M.2 NVMe that are hitting 1GB+/second how useful is it to have a swap partition size of 32GB vs 64GB when dealing with big sims or renders? At what point does it become futile?

I would be interested in anyone's thoughts or experiences.

What is the advantage of 4GB over 2GB GDDR? July 25, 2018, 1:55 p.m.

Having enough ram to work is the most important. I mean you could always just sim with bounding boxes in the viewport and render images to disk. But if you want to visualize the data in the viewport you are going to want a graphics card that can handle it…

I guess depends on how tight of a budget you are on and what work you are trying to do and how serious the timelines involved are. But if someone asked me what the minimum I would recommend for building a workstation for doing 3D work would be minimum 4GB video card IMO especially if you are using other apps like Mari, Mudbox, etc….

ps. (Most apps these days including Houdini use OpenGL a lot assuming they are up to vfx refernce spec for this era… except zbrush)

What is the advantage of 4GB over 2GB GDDR? July 24, 2018, 2:45 p.m.

Pretty much! The more you have the more space you have for larger the screen resolution/frame buffer, textures and geometry it can store/access without going out of core to system ram.

Minimum would be 4GB for anything serious these days especially if you have multi monitor setup or HiDPI screen.