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Charly Artbook Jan. 3, 2018, 11:25 a.m.

Hello everyone! Happy New Year

I'm newbie here and in Houdini Started learning it about 2 weeks ago

I decided to still open Houdini and see what kind of beast it is Naturally - I heard about it many times, saw reels, listened to the impressions of my friends, etc., but I never believe what people say about films, software, games - until I try it myself And I decided, but all the same ..

Inspired by many videos, I opened the Houdini Yes, I never doubted that I need to learn it .. but then when there was an older version - it frightened me But opening it again and trying it - I remembered a good life lesson about how, that any fear can be overcome. Once upon a time I was engaged in parkour and stood at an altitude of 4m. Down there was sand and all friends fearlessly jumped through the most difficult obstacles, and I was controlled by fear .. I stood looking down, watching my friends fly there and I was afraid … But then, when I did, one day, I dived in this abyss and successfully landed on soft sand - I realized that any fear can be overcome .. the main zeal and hard work.

Now I opened 16.5 version - it seemed very clear even to me.I don't know whether the 7-year experience in 3d affects, or something else … but my perception changed and I decided not to postpone for later (as I did before and learned other plug-ins) - I sat down every day and spend my free time for studying. With mad pleasure I absorb this knowledge, as I like to learn and every day I learn a bunch of new software to improve my workflow. That is for me - the knowledge of the new - not a problem. Every day I do it ) There is no lazyness

Yes, I don't throw 3dsmax and maya, because orders come and I write lessons, etc, etc. A lot of partners are related to them and they are also interesting to me and they will never die and will always be good. But what I saw in Houdini is insanely impressive. What you can do without buying 1000 plugins and the fact that you can return to the previous stage at any time, make edits and this is all applied parametrically to the subsequent nodes. This program expands the horizons, expands the boundaries and gives tremendous opportunities for creativity.

Present and future time for Houdini .. The threshold of the entrance to Houdini is much less When I taught Maya, it even seems more difficult to me now ) If I then began to teach Houdini …
The program's features are impressive and it is so crazy about everything that I learn straightforwardly. I've just tried the possibilities of parametric modeling and PyroFx, a little PointVOP with which I created particles similar to flying flys near the flashlight ) The whole approach to creating lighting, navigation, cameras … A wonderful program which absorb you completely …

I don't know how long it will take to learn - but I want it madly And despite all the difficulties I encounter - I continue to learn it And now, that I already get

My first explosion, my first “pancake” Of course, I immediately stunned from the size of the cache and the time of the simulation - but it didn't stop me I tried Mantra, I like it, but Redshift - somehow more jovial and more pleasant. Although Mantra is also interesting, but damn … I tried to render it )) for a long time .. although it may someday get my patience and something I render to it when all servers will be available for me))) then it will be fast)

Making of my first explosion in Houdini, which I created from a standard PyroFX preset with editing some settings that you can see in this video.

Timing explosion - 120 frames.

Save the simulation cache about 6 hours on a single server - Dual Xeon E5 2670 - 32 Threads - 2,6GHz.

Render one frame with Redshift - 2-5 minutes in HD resolution.

Render of the whole animation - 8 hours on one GeForce 980 TI

The total cache weight is 190GB

Simulation and render was made on our farm -

Lifetime discount for each order 15% with promotional code - charlytutors

Enjoy watching!