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Houdini fluid simulation position issue in UE4.25 Oct. 20, 2020, 8:08 a.m.

Hello everybody.

I’ve been having issues since the start of the week with fluid simulations imported from houdini 18 with VAT. It is the first time I use fluid simulation from houdini in UE4. I managed to properly import my simulation, create its material and import my simulation in a niagara system.

When I try to call a niagara system containing my simulation (or even with a cascade emitter) with a blueprint it plays my fluid simulation at the origin of the world (0,0,0) and not at the location i decided it to be played to. However I can make the simulation play where i want if :

I spawn a niagara system attached (not at location) with the fluid simulation’s emitter not being local
I create a niagara system component inside a blueprint that I set active (but it’s not convenient if I
want to have variety in the feedbacks I want to play…)

I tried to look for a solution on the internet but I didn’t find anything and I’m out of resources now. It’s really a problem now because I have small issues of feedbacks in my game and I believe finding the solution for this problem may solve other problems. I tried to find a solutions on the UE4 side but it wasn't concluent so I try with the Houdini side today.