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burning light program run over primitives with light source laser_emmition-primitive group int hitprim; vector hitprimuv; float burn_dist = chf('burn_distance') float maxdist = chf('maxdist'); int primnumber = chi('prim'); v@N= prim(0,'N',primnumber); float dist = xyzdist(1,v@N,hitprim,hitprimuv,maxdist); vector pos = primuv(1,'P',hitprim,hitprimuv); v@N += vector(maxdist); if(dist<=burn_dist) { v@burning_point = pos; }


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Anastasia lakehouse tutorial June 12, 2019, 12:56 a.m.

For anyone having trouble with the foreach network in the first video section here is a helping hand
and also when using the detail expressions inside the group parameter or any other parameter the expects a string
don't forget the back hash marks (`) for example `detail(surface_node, attrib_name, attrib_index)`

Using VEX to read/write parameters values April 29, 2019, 10:28 a.m.

Actually after studying what I'm trying to do carefully I just realized what I'm trying to do is pointless and I wouldn't even need the dot formula that's in the manual….all I have to do to solve my problem is to create a blank channel parameter in the wrangle node and just copy it …..then just use copy by reference on any parameter that want to control…and make sure that the channel parameter I created matches the data type,….Int,float,….I don't think creating a vector be needed….unless you wanted to create a parameter with x, y, z,….but in all this is still pointless….just drop a null node and reference every parameter that you want to control

Using VEX to read/write parameters values April 24, 2019, 12:26 a.m.

I've been experimenting with VEX for the past few days as a new Houdini user and I've come across problem that has me stumped and that is how to use VEX to read/write parameter values in other nodes….I followed the instructions in the documentation which seemed simple enough…but I keep getting error messages…am I missing something?…..do I have to declare the parameter_id ….vectors, int, floats in the wrangle node before using there Id's?….