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IOR vs Reflectivity ? Transparency vs Opacity? March 3, 2020, 11:07 a.m.

The way I see opacity, is that it is a rendering shortcut for materials that are assumed to have holes in them that are too small too see. The amount of opacity is inverse to the porousness of the surface / volume.

Gradient Fall-off Volume Feb. 26, 2020, 12:04 p.m.

thanks! and how this can be achieved along all three axes x,y,z?

Without testing, probably like:
@density = 1 - length(relbbox(@P));

Fastest way to write data out of node? Feb. 11, 2020, 10:50 a.m.

I assume you need the individual curves to be known… otherwise you can grab an entire attribute efficiently using functions like this one: []