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how to popup debug message HE for max Sept. 16, 2020, 9:40 p.m.

HI, I'm trying to make HE for 3ds max recognize node name (object name) and using it as data source.

For example, if node name(object name) in 3ds max is “mybox_5” and use hemax_node_name attribute to catch it.
Split with “_” and save “5” to a detail attribute. Then give it hemax_matid value.
Also, us hemax_node_name_output attribute to change node name(object name) “mybox_5” to “mybox_somthing”.

But seem not working for me.

So, I want to debug in 3ds max that HE for 3ds max is working fine.

How can I get debug popup message dialog or command Line with Houdini Engine?