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Does every team member need to have Houdini Engine installed (including a LIcensee)? July 7, 2017, 8:47 a.m.


I am evaluating using Houdini for our Unreal Engine Project.

In order to get it working I use the Plugin (compile from github) and enable the Houdini Plugin in Unreal.
However it does not seem to work without installing the Houdini Engine properly.
I can import houdini assets, but placing them in a level triggers a message telling me that cooking/etc does not work because the Houdini Engine is not installed (which is correct, I do not have the Houdini Engine installed).
Does that mean though, that every team member has to have the Houdini Engine installed in order to cook/use Houdini in Unreal?
Does that also means that every developer on the Project needs a Houdini license, even though the developer only works in Unreal?