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Parameter change doesn't cook until mouse button is released. March 6, 2018, 6:20 p.m.

I'm having an issue in Unreal where if I click and drag a parameter for an asset, it will not update and cook until after I have let go of the mouse button.

All I have done is a simple test with a box a parameter to adjust the height of the box. If I click and drag, then release the mouse it will eventually cook and update after a few seconds (I also thought it would cook faster…) If I click and drag the parameter but never release the mouse, it never cooks and never updates.

I've found the option in the project settings “Cook Curves on Mouse Release”, but this toggle doesn't seem to change anything.

Any ideas anyone?

My Unreal Version: 4.18.3
My Houdini Indie Version: 16.5.378