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Concept Art. Is Houdini up for it? Dec. 19, 2017, 2:11 p.m.

Hi Kristoffer,

Just saw your ArtStation home page. Impressive work!

Full disclosure I'm a SideFX employee of 24+ years and have seen a lot of users very successfully use Houdini for many types of modeling. In the past it's mainly procedural modeling.

We are constantly improving modeling tools, especially of the procedural type. For example your Alien Environment concept could have been bashed together with Houdini very quickly.

If you give Houdini the same amount of time to learn as say Maya and Modo and you get working with the nodes, you are definitely in the zone of Houdini thinking, then this crystal prototype would take only a couple hours to bash together and continue to refine. Much of the other work seems better suited to Z Brush or 3D Coat or Blender for rapid prototyping and not so much at all Maya or Modo. With 3D Coat and Z-Brush you don't even have to worry about topology as you rapidly sculpt out your ideas. Maya and Modo force you to futz with topology right from the beginning and that isn't rapid prototyping sculpts imho.

Houdini would definitely be a tool to put under your belt as it is the ONLY one that represents a proper first class procedural approach to modeling using free-form SOP geometry nodes in very playful ways that is time proven. Apprentice is free and fully functional from the modeling point of view so the only commitment is time. I highly recommend the Entagma videos if you are inspired by procedural systems.

I'll let others chime in here as well.


aRtye your comment is so general as to be dismissed as a casual passing remark. Please remember that this is a professional question from a very talented artist so a respectful answer would be much appreciated. Perhaps revisit this and clarify specifically just what you mean. Actually so as not to troll this thread, fire up a new thread outlining your ideas for improvements. We are always looking to improve the modeling workflow. H16.5 was yet another good move forward.

I have grown to love the radial menus as finally we have tool under cursor and tumble under cursor as it is always the little things that improve workflow.

The Boolean SOP is unfreakingbelievable in H16 and loving the UV Layout in to 3D Coat for texturing myself. More to come as well.

Default point/particle texture Nov. 8, 2017, 9:19 a.m.

Please send in an RFE for point scale to be in screen space for point sprites.

CreateProcess failed for 'mantra' Nov. 7, 2017, 5:58 p.m.

Windows Execution Permissions for the Mantra process? Did you get a dialog to allow the Mantra process on Windows?