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mental ray and houdini May 21, 2015, 11:22 p.m.

Necroing a 5 year old post shows the general level of interest in Mental Delay around here.

Any development resources, other than Mantra would hopefully go towards supporting the next generation of GPU realtime renders:

Rendering Engine Mizuchi Tech Demo – “Museum”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYX9I3ONHc4 [youtube.com]

well.. i dont like to start threads if they already exist… I was looking for “mental ray in houdini” so sorry if anyone is upset over my necroing.

that is a pretty cool demo. i have played with a few myself in various other 3d packages.

What is curiously absent, is what i love about mental ray though… is its refraction tracing. Also im not sure how many of the blurry reflections in the demo are actually traced and how many are mapped… the dof looked a little off… its not bad but Im happy with basic GI diffuse shading with mantra… where it really hits the wall is blurry reflection/refraction tracing, smooth results just take too much time, the unified sampling is really working awesome in MR too.

im rendering to 4k, have blurry refractions. The only reliable way to get a clean image is to increase pixel samples and find a good balance of max rays and variance settings. Ultimately what i would love to have is some kind refraction ray interpolation like MR. Grain is ok for film alot of times, but im going for beauty so id like it clean and quick.

mantra is definitely a good render engine and for lots of the typical effects rendering it is a great render engine. I wouldnt say its the fastest in the world though.

mental ray and houdini May 17, 2015, 9:35 p.m.

I have used both mantra nd MR and vray and arnold extensively and so far some of the fastest production rendering for me has been in MR.

Not sure how to read that tbh; this is in exact disagreement with what people say whom are skilled in rendering.

you are right. i guess 12 years of experience doesn't qualify me to have an opinion. sorry.

yes MR has improved massively in the past few years. There are cases where MR blows houdini away. of course everyone has different pipelines, my original post is just wishing for a better out of the box solution that let me use MR, not to sit here and debate about who is “skilled at rendering”.

and I do use motion blur btw, FG and raytracing, maybe it would behoove one to use the software in question recently before commenting on it??

mental ray and houdini May 13, 2015, 11:53 p.m.

I wish houdini has a better out of the box implementation of mental ray.

I have used both mantra nd MR and vray and arnold extensively and so far some of the fastest production rendering for me has been in MR.

transparencies, refractions, stable FG, unified sampling - blow mantra away.

it is not even funny.

mantra is great, its flexible, etc but sometimes I just want to knock out frames fast and MR has a HUGE advantage in that sense.

arnold is good too, speed wise. better than mantra tbh.