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Is mantra only for rendering balls and cubes? March 6, 2008, 2:25 p.m.

And you guys are saying atikin is “insulting” with “bad attitude”. Look at your last posts - you're now a lot more agressive. Monkeys…

Mac OSX Port? Aug. 26, 2007, 2:54 p.m.

So unfortunately you're in this very uncomfortable situation of minors.

I'd like to see Houdini in OSX. All I said was that I understand why it's still not there.


Oh, and I definitely didn't mean anything for Modo or Lightwave users. Sentence you quoted says what is says: Modo/Lightwave buyers set is exclusive with Houdini's one for most its part. There are exceptions though .

I see your point of view.

Mac OSX Port? Aug. 26, 2007, 1:33 p.m.

sylix: I have no idea what age of mine would satisfy you but I ensure you I'm enough old to ignore all personal tones

“Put down thy sword, Peter, for he who raises the sword shall perish by it.”

Then watch your words carefully and don't start those “personal tones” saying “It seems that you want OSX port to play with it, not to work on it.” and “These are Modo/Lightwave users and they are not interested in Houdini at all.” if you don't like the strike back. :-)

I use modo as a part of my pipeline and I see nothing shameful about it. ;-) I hope this is the period?

As to the subject: I don't feel like seeing Houdini on PS3, Wii, XBox, ZXSpectrum, Amiga and whatever. I know that's for “haha”, but seriously - I'm not saying let's port it on all plats just to port it.

In OSX there's now enough of pro software to do your job: Shake, Nuke, Maya, Cinema 4D, modo, Lightwave, ZBrush, Adobe CS3, Painter X, Maxwell Render, Real Flow, Final Cut Studio, VRAYforC4D (in faraway future)… even Adium, Luxor and Call of Duty, so that you can do what you need in one env. Why do people need a renderer for their app personally if they could just export it to another one and render it there?

Why should I go to Lin or Win to complete my work if I could do it right here? Without searching for a comp with one of those systems or waiting till I go to my office if I all of a sudden don't have needed OS here at hand?

We have three operating systems that can be used in production, combined or standalone (as you like): Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux distribs - why not to make ports of a pro soft for these systems? We now have Lin, Win - why not OSX?

I'm not saying that if there's something too small in the pipeline so let's port it as well - I'm saying that Houdini - is the app where I do one of the major parts of my job… where's the serious reason for I don't need it natively in OSX?

For example, personally me, don't need 3ds max port for OSX even if it has Vray, I'd say - I need VRay for OSX; and those 3ds max guys won't like it, I suppose, to port it to Lin or OSX, for they can do all they need in Win - model, texture, render, postprocess, composite, play Counter Strike. And that's OK!

I don't have it and I have to switch. I wouldn't worry about switching if my workflow is split among different apps in different OSs. I don't have it here, but can get it there; don't have it there, but elsewhere it could be found - then I don't care that I don't have it under some certain OS. But my workflow is kind of totally in OSX but for Houdini.

Best regards.