Welcome to this tutorial series about adaptive meshes and lattice constructions in Houdini. You can find all the scene files and more tutorials on our site. 

Part 1: Lattice Construction

In this first part  we will go over different procedural modeling techniques to create the lattice construction. We will explore how to make a flexible system, which makes art directing the asset more manageable.

Part 2: Interactive Scaffolding

One of the many strengths of Houdini is its capability of letting assets talk to each other. In this tutorial will make a interactive asset which adepts to the terrain and itself!



Feike is always eager to help, but getting a good idea of the different solutions first. As a graduate of IGAD (International Games Architecture & Design) in The Netherlands with half a decade of experience with Houdini, he currently enforces building techniques using procedural design. He loves teaching and exploring problems from both the artistic as the math-driven side of things to get to the desired results. Teaming up with Ivo he co-founded Dokai, and is loving everything there is about sharing environmental design for games, in a procedural way.

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  • McKormick 5 years, 5 months ago  | 

    Really nice tutorial.
    Just one trick I know from other tutorials which is really cool: to make lines between points (your video @9:30) you can create one line and define an attribute to it i.e. @id = ptnum then whenever you copy it, it will retain id attribute which you can use in the add node (connect by attribute). That way you will not face problems proper expression.
    Great work .

    • Ivo van Roij 5 years, 5 months ago  | 

      Thanks a lot for the compliment!
      We know how some stuff might be more stable or more convenient, but our tutorials can only take up so much time. Explaining this as well, will just add more time, where the goal of this tutorial was on the lattice construction, rather than on line generation from attributes (but it's definitely viable!). We might show it in our other tutorials though. Thanks for watching and replying! ;-)

      • McKormick 5 years, 5 months ago  | 

        I understand that perfectly. You Guys create really helpful tutorials I appreciate your work.
        Can't wait to see part 2.

        • Ivo van Roij 5 years, 5 months ago  | 

          Thank you so much man! We try to help out haha. This week we’re in LA to give a talk to the local community. Part 2 of this one will come out in a few weeks (sorry for the wait!)

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