This video will cover how to set up a crowd scene in which we will later activate rag doll functionality on. This is done from within the Crowd Transition node and changing the Input/Output State. We make our agents go from stand to walk state, and then from walk to ragdoll (where they collapse on the ground). Some of our agents end up floating in the air when we increase the number of them, so we just select and delete them to get them out of the scene. 


  • SeanMorgan1962 3 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    That tears it! I am done with these tutorials. No offense to Miss Wong but, the nodes have changed and half of the steps shown in these tutorials don't work. I am NOT a stupid person. I had learned Blender in a couple of months time, even though it is as a whacky as it is. You guys need to update your tutorials if you're going offer them to the public. I really want to use this app. I'll try reading the docs to see if that may help. Regards.

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