With our basic ground plane in place and our Digital Asset setup, let’s take the ground to the next step and add some noise to it. This will help perturb the surface of the ground so it’s not entirely flat. We will also take a look at the process of updating our digital assets as we progress through production. By the end of the lecture we will have our basic ground with some displacement and vertex colors.


  • IbtesamSadiq 2 years, 2 months ago  | 

    I am using hda in ue4 and I am adding vertex color into hda using PointVOP node its appearing in Houdini but in ue4, looks like it doesn't have vertex color.

  • instanceid 1 year, 2 months ago  | 

    Hey man,
    Great videos and I really appreciate you taking the time to make them. I just have one suggestion, it would be great if you could turn on visualization of your keypresses. I am not sure what you use to record the screen but most recorders have ability to show what shortcut or mouse click is being pressed in the corner or somewhere as when you were exposing the parameters via the menu and selecting promoting, it took me a bit to figure out what in the world you were doing to get that menu to appear. I am used to right-clicking to get menus, but of course, that is not how it is done in this case.

    I, personally, am a first time Houdini user, so a lot of this is new to me, so being able to see what you are pressing without you needing to spend time explaining each keypress or shortcut as you do them would be a huge help all around.


  • Indie-Pixel 1 year, 2 months ago  | 

    No prob at all! I'm using camtasia so I can turn on the keystrokes. Thanks so much for the feedback! Much appreciated!:)

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