In this lecture we are going to focus on small details. First we are going to start out by learning how to use the “Copy to Points” node. This will allow us to pass different seed values to our wood planks giving us the opportunity to use those values to create variation. Ultimately to make each plank look a bit different from the last.


  • SRichardson3d 2 years, 8 months ago  | 

    Are there any benefits to using a for-each loop and meta node vs copy stamp node for making variations?

  • Indie-Pixel 2 years, 8 months ago  | 

    Howdy SRichardson! Thank you for your question! So, as far as I know it the Foreach node is more efficient within Houdini. The documentation was updated saying that the foreach node is now the preferred way to do copy stamping:

    That being said, you can still use the copy stamp node, I just believe it effects the performance when using the Houdini Engine within Unity. Let me know if there are any questions around that! Thanks again!

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