To close out this course we are going to create one more asset. The Oil Barrel Asset. In this lecture we are going to look at how we can build the low resolution barrel. Then finally how to use the High resolution techniques we have learned in the previous lectures, to make the high resolution oil barrel.


  • DevoStevo 2 years, 3 months ago  | 

    I think it would be good if you selected the Barrel Construction nodes so beginners can see what your setting are. Only takes one click for a second so you can pause the video.

  • sjooons 2 years ago  | 

    Where can I find the oil barrel model? In the files I can only find the stacked .hda...

  • Indie-Pixel 2 years ago  | 

    thanks Steve for the suggestion! Ill make sure to show the settings more in future courses! Thanks again! :-)

    Howdy sjoons! Here is a link to all the HDA's. The Barrel is in there:

  • amartinez 1 year, 3 months ago  | 

    Had a beginner question over here...
    These HDAs always output a fully baked geometry?
    Is there a way to point to, say, a prefab, and have instances of that prefab being transformed/placed by the digital asset, but don't merge all of it into a single mesh?
    So a single HDA creates the actual model, another one just takes care of the placement?
    I ask because of the potential for:
    - Fully independent dynamic models
    - Taken advantage of instancing (both for draw calls and shared resources).
    - Reducing asset package/memory loads.

    Thanks a lot for making these tutorials by the way.

  • Indie-Pixel 1 year, 3 months ago  | 

    Yep, I believe you are looking for the instance node. That will instance them and keep them separate.

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