Houdini Clouds with VOPs: Create and Animate your own clouds!

This is a 4 part free course on working with volumes inside of Houdini, and creating and animating non-simulated clouds using VOPs.

After learning basics about working with geometry and VOPs, let's dig into the volumes and create some clouds! But first things first, we will learn basics of working with Volumes inside of Houdini. Convert to Volume and back to polygons, VDB smooth, VDB Combine (boolean) and other useful nodes that will come in handy while working with VDBs in Houdini.

Now that we know a thing or two about how to operate volumes in Houdini, it's time we get into VOPs and create ourselves some fluffy clouds!

Learn about Volume VOPs, VDB Activate (and expand), volume density multiplication, volume sampling and all the other good stuff that is needed to create great looking clouds and cloud formations. We will even touch upon rendering, just a little bit.

Let's export our fluffy cloud to Blender to render it in the most popular render engines on Earth: Eevee and Cycles! 

 I will briefly touch upon some setting for rendering volumes in mantra, and then we will get beautiful results running almost realtime in Eevee render engine in blender, and then we switch to Cycles and see how to enable the light penetration within the volumes.

In this final video, we will animate our VOPs, and make our clouds animated as well, using noises. A relatively simple and fast addition to our setup to breathe in some life. So, let's do just that.

We are focused on bringing the best quality instructions for free, enabling artists big and small to create the worlds of their imagination.

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    This tutorial is awesome thanks for this tutorial

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