Woohoo here comes my second tool :) This one is a bit more complicated than the last.

The second tool’s name is “LYNX_fabric”. It is made up of several Houdini assets that make fabric/weave pattern generation quick and easy.

Features include:

  • Unified interface across all nodes
  • Intelligent/Adaptive curve resampling
  • Curve detangling for realistic results
  • Mesh generation on rest frame for maximum performance
  • Transfer attributes from source geometry / among fabric nodes
  • Consistent seeds across all nodes
  • UDIM Support

Here is a video that shows how the assets can be combined to create fabric patterns with ease.



Looking for an adventure!

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  • Johnson Chan 3 months ago  | 


  • Luca Scheller 3 months ago  | 

    Thanks for checking it out! Would love to here your feedback or see some cool renderings using output from the assets:)

  • Midphase 3 months ago  | 

    Thank you for this and all your other tools.

    • Luca Scheller 3 months ago  | 

      You're welcome:) Glad to see a positive response! If you have any suggestions please let me know:)

  • amin cgi 3 months ago  | 

    Thank you :)

    • Luca Scheller 3 months ago  | 

      Thank you ;) You're RnD work is pretty cool too:)

  • amin cgi 3 months ago  | 

    great tools

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