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The Train tool packages up modular models and an underlying rig to create an animatable train. The two main parts of the tool involve making the model and auto rigging it. Based on patterns, you can quickly generate the look of the train, then by simply enabling a toggle you can set up the rig.

Project Titan is an in-house tech demo designed to production test Houdini's procedural workflows while creating a 3D environment that leverages the latest technologies in Unreal. Click Here to learn more.



Simon is a tech Artist that loves building procedural tools and assets. By adding more and more procedural approaches to his workflow, he is able to build 3D models with speed and flexibility. During his studies at Digital Arts and Entertainment, he taught himself how to work with Houdini. After his studies, he started working on Ary and the Secret of Seasons at eXiin. Currently he is a Houdini freelancer and focuses on creating procedural content.

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  • kyanhudson 8 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    YES! Keep these coming I absolutely love these tutorials!

  • KieranLatham 8 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    Absolutely love the work you guys are doing and sharing with the community! Excited for the others to come!

  • asherif351 8 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  • GregorZimmermann 8 months, 1 week ago  | 

    Thanks so much for showing how to rig and export that train.
    Is there any way you could follow up on how to attach the rigged train to a path and move it along?

  • FranklyTired 8 months ago  | 

    Quick question, Simon: does the final result alter the UVs of the pieces used for the patterns so you can use different materials with their respective textures?

    • Simon_V 8 months ago  | 

      The UVs are made in the modular assets. The setup is not changing them. You could change or tweak UVs if needed.

  • clem.lysergy 6 months, 3 weeks ago  | 

    These tutorials are fantastic, and I love the pace which is quite quick but with enough explanation to understand everything. There's so much we can build just using the concepts covered in these.

    I'd also be interested in learning about animating the rigged train along the path - if a full tutorial isn't possible even some hints to the approach used would be great. Curious to know if the animation was imported from Houdini or if it's set up in blueprints to follow any path created in Unreal.

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