This video will cover 2 ways in which you can cache out pyro sims for use inside Houdini. You should be conscious of disk space, so when you set your project location, make sure that there is sufficient space for the data to be written. We're going to use the Smokeless Flame tool to generate some fire around a cylinder shape. The fire is going to be tweaked a bit to get the look we want, and we do so by going into the pyrosolver node. For caching, we will see the difference between caching to memory (which has its limitations), saving out geometry data (*.sc files) which allows us to scrub through the timeline without recooking the sim, as well as saving out the 240-frame sequence of fire to *.sim file format and switching to "Network in Playback Mode" when we enable the Playback Simulation option. Side note, we put on a Volume Visualizer to apply colour onto the *.sc geometry data files, on otherwise grey flames, because geometry data contains partial data - which excludes things like colour, velocity, etc. 



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