Refrigerator Game asset Modeling Texturing Timelapse

 I decided to switch to Houdini for my Poly Modeling workflow to create assets. Here's a time lapse of a project I recently modeled in Houdini, textured in Substance Painter. I like the Modeling tools in Houdini and also the Non-Destructive Workflow even for a not 100% procedural modeling.


  • harold4964 1 week, 5 days ago  | 

    looks Great, having a background in blender I decided to take up Houdini recently. Love the package.

    Notice you use topoBuild instead of curve. Most tutorials I've done so far use curves so now I'm inspired to try something different.
    Asset looks good, keep up the good work Omar

    Cheers Harold

    • OmarBassam 1 week, 5 days ago  | 

      I am glad you liked it, Harold.
      I have been using Blender too as well as C4D. The topobuild is indeed a very powerful tool not just for retopology.
      Houdini actually has very powerful tools even for a traditional polymodeling workflow.

  • OneBigTree 5 days, 11 hours ago  | 

    Funny that most houdini modelling videos are sped up. makes it look really fast.....

    • OmarBassam 18 hours, 50 minutes ago  | 

      You're totally right :).
      I just thought that since the video was not narrated, it would be just too boring to watch.

  • michalziulek 2 days, 19 hours ago  | 

    May I ask why topobuild and not polydraw? Thanks!

    • OmarBassam 18 hours, 53 minutes ago  | 

      Topobuild and Polydraw are basically the same thing. You can diffenitely both either to achieve the same results. They both even hame the same node icon.
      In fact a lot of nodes in Houdini are just presets of the same node. For example "clip" and "knife" are exactly the same node but with different default settings for each node. same goes for all the boolean nodes.

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