In this lesson, you will use Python to help control your rig.


  • Maximito 5 months, 1 week ago  | 

    I really appreciate all the free tutorials that you are putting out there, but I really really hate when suddenly the instructors hit me with adding python scripts. I know that python is a useful skill to have but I don't have it. I don't see the point of mindlessly follow a tutorial without understanding what I'm doing. I simply don't want my workflow to depend on a script that I don't understand nor I will be able to remember when I have to do it again. Idk if anyone else feels like this, maybe I'm just having a bad day and being stubborn. Sorry for the rant and thanks a lot for this rigging series.

  • NIiPI2019 5 months ago  | 

    Thanks alot) I don't know python - but i enjoy learning it.
    Personally I think it's a great idea - to teach how to script instead of just giving a new script and saying - push this button)
    More info about python, chops and tehnical rigging. please
    These 3 topics are so difficult)

  • ROGA_high 4 months, 4 weeks ago  | 

    Hey, i really love the info python. Keeep em coming! Thanks for this series.

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