This video will go over the 4 modes within the TopoBuild tool – Build, Split, Brush and Smooth. By default, TopoBuild starts off in Build mode, which allows you to drop down geometry (guide points and then create polygons from them). There are additional controls within Build mode, which give you options to straighten your selection, evenly space points along an edge and convert selection to a circle. Split mode allows you to add a point along an edge, split edges manually from edge to edge and also holding down SHIFT key, drop down edge loops. Brush mode lets you move an area of geometry based on the size of your brush, while being “shrinkwrapped” to your templated surface (most likely your high res mesh that you are rebuilding a low resolution of). This is ideal for when you don't want to individually select a point/edge/face to move and edit, but wish to position a general area, for example. Smooth mode relaxes the interior geometry, while respecting the border edges (they remain locked in position). 



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