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Fuzzy And VOP node

Performs a fuzzy "and" operation between its inputs and returns a value between 0 and 1.

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This operator performs a fuzzy "and" operation (Zadeh AND) between its inputs and outputs a fuzzy value denoting the truth of the statement. Given boolean inputs, this computes the logical And of the inputs.

Typically, fuzzy "and" is used to define rules (conditions) for fuzzy inference in a fuzzy logic network. All inputs and the output data type are floats (inputs are clamped to 0 to 1).


Input Number 1…N

The input values to be combined together.

Next Input

Where the next input value should be connected. Up to 64 inputs can be specified.


Combined Value

The fuzzy "and" combination of all inputs.


The following examples include this node.

Fuzzy Logic Obstacle Avoidance Example Example for Fuzzy Defuzz VOP node

This example shows agent obstacle avoidance and path following implemented using a fuzzy logic controller.

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