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Fuzzy Obstacle Sense VOP node

Detects obstacles in an agent’s field of view.

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This node computes the time to collision for a range of samples throughout the agent’s field of view. The output is suitable for use with the Fuzzy Input VOP to make decisions based on which directions are obstructed.


Particle Scale

Radius of the particle to use for collision detection.

Max Distance

Maximum search distance for an intersection.


The number of rays to cast throughout the Horizontal FOV.

Horizontal FOV

Field of view (in degrees) in the horizontal direction.

Max Collision Time

The reported collision times will be clamped between zero and this value. This can be used to ensure that the collision times fall in the crisp range used on a Fuzzy Input VOP.


A float array containing the time to collision for each sample in the Horizontal FOV.

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