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Geometry VOP Output Variables VOP node

Simple output variable for Geometry VOP Networks.

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This is a simple place holder to write out common attributes from Attribute VOPs network types.




Position of the element.

Unlike the VOP SOP, writing to this will not potentially trigger a recomputation of the normal.


The v attribute of the element.


The force attribute of the element.


The Cd attribute of the element.


The N attribute of the element.




The following examples include this node.

StaticBalls Example for Static Object dynamics node

This example uses static object nodes in an RBD simulation of a grid falling and bouncing off three spheres before it hits the ground.

CircleSolvers Example for Solver geometry node

This example demonstrates various ways in which you can use a solver node to transform an object based on ordinary differential equations.

There are 6 different solvers in this example. There is also the exact answer as a point of reference. The solvers are numerical methods that solve the following coupled Ordinary Differential Equations with initial conditions:

x' = y ; x(0) = 1
y' = -x ; y(0) = 0

The numerical methods for Ordinary Differential Equations are: Forward Euler, Runge-Kutta Second Order, Runge-Kutta Third Order, Runge-Kutta Fourth Order, and Parker-Sochacki solved two ways. In one version, Parker-Sochacki is hard coded at order 5. In another version Parker-Sochacki is written in a for loop where the order can be adjusted by the user.

Fuzzy Logic Obstacle Avoidance Example Example for Fuzzy Defuzz VOP node

This example shows agent obstacle avoidance and path following implemented using a fuzzy logic controller.

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