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Hue Shift VOP node

Uses the shift value to move the hue of the input color along the color wheel by the amount influenced by the amplitude.

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This operator shifts the hue of the input color along the color wheel by the amount of the shift value multiplied by the amplitude.


Shift Amplitude

This value is the magnifier of the shift amount. It should be a float between 0 and 1.

Hue Shift Value

This is the amount to shift to the color. It is a float between 0 and 1, where the midpoint (i.e., 0.5) represents no shift. Values smaller than 0.5 move the hue on the wheel counterclockwise, while values larger than 0.5 move it clockwise. Values of 0 or 1 represent full rotation on the wheel, effectively leading to no hue shift.

This value should be connected to a greyscale texture map or a noise function if the shift is to vary across the surface and direction along the color wheel to shift the input color.

Shift Color

The color to be shifted.


RGB Color

The new shifted color.


The following examples include this node.

FurBallWorkflow Example for Fur geometry node

This example demonstrates how the Fur SOP and Mantra Fur Procedural can be applied to an animated skin geometry. CVEX shaders are used to apply a custom look to the hairs based upon attributes assigned to the geometry.

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