SideFX is proud to announce 

the Houdini Game Jam 2020!

SideFX recently held its first ever game jam where participants had one week to use Houdini to build games based on the theme “Don’t Panic!” Over 80 people game jammed, either in teams or alone, to create 47 fun and unique games. The Houdini Game Jam winners were announced  on SideFX's Twitch channel and you can click here to see who won.   



Houdini Game Jam will take place over the course of one week from August 14th to August 21st, 2020. The game jam will begin when the theme is revealed via livestream on SideFX’s Twitch channel at 11am PDT on August 14th. Game jammers will then have one week to build their games and submit them before the deadline of 5pm PDT on August 21st

Game jammers are encouraged to use the hashtag #HoudiniGameJam20 for social media posts about their game development. Finished games will be entered via the Houdini Game Jam page on The eligible game entries will be played by the judges and prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning teams. 


Houdini Indie License

SideFX is providing temporary Houdini Indie licenses
for use by gamedevs during the jam. 


Substance License

Adobe is providing 1-month Substance licenses
for use during the Houdini Game Jam.


Game Jam Starter Kit

A set of procedural tools that you can use to create elements for your game levels in both Unreal and Unity.


SideFX Labs

The SideFX Labs tools offer common workflows that can streamline your gamedev workflow in Houdini.


Unity Dev Support

Unity is providing technical support to assist game developers who are using the Unity game engine.


Learn | Games Quickstart

If you are new to Houdini then these tutorials can get you up and running.


Learn | World Building

Learn how to create procedural game levels and environments.


Learn | Game Tools

Learn how to work with the SideFX Labs Tools that streamline gamdev workflows.



All of the eligible game entries will be played and judged by a panel 
of Houdini, 3D art, and game dev professionals. 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning games will be chosen based on the following criteria:

      • Art & Animation
      • Sounds & Music
      • Gameplay & Fun Factor
      • Use of the Theme
      • Use of Houdini

Note: Houdini doesn't have to be used for all aspects of the game but Houdini usage will be considered when entries are judged. When you submit your game, you will be asked how much Houdini was used versus other apps.


The winners will receive the following prizes from HGJ’s sponsors



Skull Canyon NUC  Intel

BONUS PRIZE: Unity Pro Licenses Unity



Houdini FX Annual License


Houdini CORE Annual License


Houdini Indie Annual License

1st, 2nd & 3rd PLACE

Substance Annual License   Adobe


1st, 2nd & 3rd PLACE

$100 in Unreal Engine Marketplace Credits Unreal Engine

$100 in Unity Asset Store Vouchers  Unity

80 LEVEL RFP Invite Codes  80 Level

Paid Tutorials  Mix Training

Paid Tutorials  Experience Points

Workshop Discounts  Rebelway

€100 in Codecks Credits  Codecks


1st & 2nd PLACE

CONTROL Remedy Entertainment

1st, 2nd & 3rd PLACE

Bizarre Barber  Synesthetic Echo

Dodo Peak  Moving Pieces Interactive

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles  Fishing Cactus

The Morrigan  The Pixel Mine

Curious Expedition 2  Maschinen-Mensch 



      • Houdini Game Jam is hosted online and open to anyone anywhere in the world. No physical locations are planned for HGJ.
      • Houdini Game Jam will begin at 11:00AM PDT on August 14th, 2020 and will end at 5:00PM PDT on August 21st, 2020. Game entries must be submitted during this period to be eligible for judging and prizes.
      • Houdini must be used to develop the HGJ games. Use of other art, animation, and game dev tools are permitted but they must be used in conjunction with Houdini. 
      • Working in teams is allowed, each team is limited to 5 people or less. 
      • To be considered for judging and prizes, the following deliverables are required for each entry:
        • A working game build for Windows PC and/or Mac OSX. VR and mobile games are permitted but keep in mind that VR and mobile games will be more difficult for all of the judges to play. No unpackaged projects will be accepted.
        • At least one image or video showing assets from the game inside Houdini. Providing additional Houdini images and videos will be helpful to the judges. 
        • At least one Houdini .hip file containing assets from the game. Providing additional .hip files will be helpful to the judges.
      • Participants are required to join Houdini Game Jam on and submit their entries there. The game judging will be run through’s game jam judging system. 
      • The contest portion of Houdini Game Jam is void where prohibited. 
      • Employees of SideFX or any of their agents may participate in the contest but are not eligible to win. 
      • The judges' decisions are final. 
      • SideFX is not responsible for submissions that arrive late or incomplete during submission. 
      • If the prize cannot be awarded due to unforeseen circumstances, no cash alternatives are available. 
      • Games created for HGJ must be created using Houdini products. 
      • All entrants will be asked to submit .hip files to verify that Houdini was used in the game’s development. If you do not submit the files you will be disqualified. 
      • All content must be the property of the submitter. If you are running Houdini on an employer or school computer make sure that this does not compromise your ownership rights. 
      • Entries that clearly infringe on the copyrights of another company will be disqualified. 
      • Entry in the game jam contest constitutes an agreement to allow SideFX unrestricted use and distribution of the games and artwork submitted. Participants will retain full ownership and rights to their game entries.