HEX Episode 3

Posted April 07, 2021

Join us April 9 at noon EDT for Episode 3 of HEX, an ongoing series of interviews with people from the Houdini community - studio artists, indie artists, developers, event organizers - you name it! In this episode...

Ingenuity Studios - S.W.A.T. 
Chad Wanstreet and Grant Miller discuss how they incorporated Solaris into their pipeline as they digitally reconstructed street scenes from Downtown Los Angeles for S.W.A.T. 

Axiom Update 
Axiom Houdini plug-in creator Matt Puchala chat's with SideFX's Rob Stauffer about the latest updates to his GPU-accelerated volumetric fluid solver. 

Demon's Souls - Sparx* A Virtuos Studio 
Jerome Hereng breaks down much of the Houdini-generated VFX found in their beautiful new game cinematic. 

Bottleship VFX
Hristo Velev and Fianna Wong catch up and chat about Bottleship VFX's latest work in the Netfix feature 'Space Sweepers'. 

Deep Learning for VFX and Games
Valentine Kozin from Rare talks with Paul Ambrosiussen from SideFX about his work involving Machine Learning / Deep Learning with Houdini. 

Project Titan 
Simon Verstraete, Rob Stauffer, and Christopher Hebert reveal what's to come with a new SideFX demo and learning project for 2021. 

KineFX / Crowds - From Illume
Excerpt from the most recent Houdini Illume with Rob Hopper from Union Visual Effect. 

Further Info: 

Ingenuity Studios - https://www.ingenuitystudios.com​ 

Axiom Solver - https://www.mattpuchala.com​ 

Virtuos Sparx - https://www.sparx.com​ 

Demon's Souls - https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/gam...​ 

Bottleship VFX - https://www.bottleshipvfx.com​ 

Practical Deep Learning for VFX and Technical Artists (Escape Studios) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miLIw...


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