Houdini and the kernel_task in Mac

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Hey houdiniks.
I have been experimentifn some nestabilities with Houdini on the Mac but one which is really a problem is the kernel-task.
As many Mac users should know the kernel_task is the operating system kernel itself, usually liek in linux for example, it uses a lot of CPU when the system needs to swap memory or doing stuff related with memory paging or changing contexts between threads or applications …
But eith Houdini many times I open Houdini, open a scene an after some time working the kernel_task begin to use one of the cores of the machine, and I have more than enough memory …
Also if I put a render with Mantra after working for some hours the kernel_task begin again to be insane and use the half of my macbook pro power.
This only happens when Houdini, if I close or kill Houdini (many times is freeze) kernel_task return to it's usual 0-10% of the CPU.
Anybody having this problem also?
Un saludo
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Pablo Giménez
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