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hi all,

here's a techy question: has anyone ever managed to get a linux-houdini to run as a guest OS in a virtual machine in any form?

i know that there's has been issues with linux, OGL & nvidia drivers in the past. but it's 2012 - and maybe things have moved on…?

AND i'm also interested in hearing about things from the opposite point of view. ie, any luck running OSX (hackintosh) or Windoze as a guest OS on linux with proper 3d acceleration. ie, running decently 3ds max, or final cut, or CS5 in guest OS's.

i'm hoping that things may have moved on since i last looked at this…


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i havent tried it at the moment, but i know that microsoft has released remoteFX that can split the GPU to the vm's. there are some videos that shows a cad running under a vm or even a game :-)

more information under: []

under linux there is spice but i also don't know the current state what it can do and what can't be done. the virtualmachine is the kvm.

Links: []
kvm managment soltution: []

if you have got the hardware try it out.
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I've run houdini in VirtualBox, both in a Winxp image and other flavours of linux. I've not had much trouble other than being quite slow.

It was just an exercise for me, I definitely wouldn't do it for any sort of production or serious testing. You are sharing resources across to OS's and it becomes very difficult to sort out problems you may encounter with houdini.

Dual booting is quite quick now, so that's the way I go. Mind you I'm on linux pretty exclusively and rarely go to Windows.
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