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I have recently bought a open license on an asset from Orbolt.

1 To continue, proceed to launch the application as shown below: Asks me to run sas_mac_handler , there is no such application using osx 10.7.5 ?

Next I want to use this otl in a studio env , we already have an otl location can we just copy the otl from a local asset folder and use it ? .

To be blunt I never thought it would be such a fiddle to just download an otl and use it , seems to me like the whole work flow is over engineered.

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I've sent you an email but also post it here as others might find it useful.

The ‘sas_mac_handler’ should be in the same location that Houdini binaries are located. You should have to only set it once in your web browser.

The assets downloaded from Orbolt are stored in ‘asset_store’ folder (listed below). If asset is a copy protected, it requires a license that gets download at the time of purchase. Free assets can be copied just like any Houdini otls (only paid assets require the license). If you want, you can copy the ‘asset_store’ folder contents to another location and set an override variable ‘HOUDINI_ASSET_STORE_PATH’ to point to the new location.

HOUDINI_ASSET_STORE_PATH = /custompath/asset_store

*asset_store location*
Username/My Documents/houdini12.5/asset_store/user/otls


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