houdini on mac 10.10.1 yosemite, a complete nightmare?

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i just can't install houdini 14 on mac 10.10.1 yosemite, neither houdini 13, basically can't conect to a server or work properly for license, h key just say: “the server may not serve licenses ”

yeah i just did the local server button thing, to serverhost.local that didn't work neither,

houdini version is

i don't bother to see h13 version cause i heard that before 13.0.5 is a loss cause on yosemite

yes, installing manually licenses and then they doesn't apear in hkey's list and the message: “license server may not serve licenses” thing and all of that…

and im seeing another topics about houdini failing even after instalation, so i should give up on installing it??
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I don't see that in particular but I am being asked to reinstall the license frequently in OS X 10.10.1 and 10.10.2

Houdini 13 works in Yosemite. They fixed the license manager errors.
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