how to get the "label" of an item in ordered menu

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I have an ordered menu with each of its “Token” associated with a string “Label”. (image 08 )

May I ask how can I use either Hscript or Python to get the Label string once I select an item from the menu?

I tried the following but it always return the numerical index or the token value of the menu item selected … (image 09 & 10)

Thank you very much!

08.JPG (56.0 KB)
09.JPG (16.0 KB)
10.JPG (13.1 KB)

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something like this:
parm = hou.pwd().parm("case_name_list")
value = str(parm.eval())  # convert to string since you have ordered menu
if value in parm.menuItems(): 
    index = parm.menuItems().index(value)
    return parm.menuLabels()[index]
    return "value %s not found in menu" % value

EDIT: updated formatting as it was lost over time
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let's take above example where i have same menu and here i want to list my directory in that menu with same labels & token how we can do that?
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