Using External Libraries in HDK

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I am using HDK to make a SOP that will perform a concave hull function on a given set of points.
I am attempting to use an external library, Point Cloud Library (PCL) []
However, when I build the hdk node I run into a problem.
It compiles just fine but does not actually come up in houdinifx.
This seems to be caused by a constructor of a class in PCL on line 94.
When I comment out this section, referring to the pcl::ConcaveHull… chull, the node compiles and is visible in houdinifx.
I attached the file.

Does anyone know if I am missing something that I should be doing in order to use this library.
I know it has quite a few dependencies of its own, but I have gone through and installed all those as well.
Any help would be much appreciated.

SOP_ConcaveHull.C (3.2 KB)

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Sometimes these failures are path related. Make sure the library you are linking to your SOP is in PATH or is visible to Houdini otherwise.
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