Surfacing FLIP - Delete colliding points, aka 'keep the water line only'.

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Morning everyone,

I'm after the most efficient/robust way to keep the water line of a sim as clean as possible.
I frequently find myself wanting to get rid of the faces that touch/intersect with collision objects.

Im trying to use the camera filter, ‘Regions’ tab of ‘Particle Fluid surface’ node, with a camera posed looking down at the surface, but i think i miss a normal angle threshold of some sort, since the camera method may open holes on the waterline even if polys are facing the camera straight in the eye.

I tried merging collision objects into the surfaced flip network and boolean-subtract it, and the result gets me almost there, but some frames generate a huge list of ‘Crossed boundary (unshared) edges in solid B: …’, which takes the mesh to a total loss for that frame.

The thought im having is to create a VOP net that checks if there is a poly normal pointing towards the collision object, infect it somehow, and blast all infected.

Any insights are greatly appreciated as usual,
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My first instinct would be to first cull particles prior to meshing, and then raying meshed points within a certain threshold.
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