Houdini crash on startup (Graphics Driver conflict)

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As the title says, Houdini is crashing right after launching. This is the first time I've use this software and this is the basic series of events. I've had this issue for a week or so now. I tried re-installing today to see if a fix had been implemented. Unfortunately I'm still experiencing the crashes.

Installation: All options looked fine on default. No problems or errors during the installation.
Launch: I launched Houdini via the end of the installer first. It crashed with a Windows “Houdini has stopped working”. Then I launched it via the icon. It was open for a few seconds. I started to look through the menus then it had a fatal error (Crash report pasted below).

Crash report from Jeremy; Houdini FX Version 16.0.705 [windows-x86_64-cl19]
Uptime 146 seconds
Thu Aug 24 11:50:45 2017
Caught signal 11

Traceback from 51836 ThreadId=0x0000d280
+0x5f920033 [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0x5f91ef2b [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0x5f91f523 [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0x5f937ab5 [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0x5f93809e [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0x5f9d36de [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0x5f9d3a1f [DrvPresentBuffers]
+0xf651f012 [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0xf652aafc [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0xf652b21b [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0xf652a81f [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0xf651ec18 [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0xf6516279 [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0xf6516097 [GetHotPatchInfo]
+0x09b9372e [SwapBuffers]
+0x6f63816a [QOpenGLContext::swapBuffers]
+0x6fbfa945 [RE_Server::GLSwapBuffers]
+0x7105a4a5 [UI_Window::clearWindow]
+0x71057053 [UI_Window::doRedrawSubclass]
+0x70ff0d95 [UI_Queue::doWindowRedraws]
+0x70feeb2c [UI_Queue::drain]
+0x70feec68 [UI_Queue::eventLoop]
+0x7129c130 [AP_Interface::loadWindowGeoPref]
+0x7129c812 [myWinMain]
+0x0cc88364 [BaseThreadInitThunk]
+0x0cf57091 [RtlUserThreadStart]

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What operating system version, graphics card, and graphics driver version are you using? Also, could you try the Qt4 build installer to see if that one works and let us know? That'd be helpful for us.
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I tried the QT4 Installer, it seems to be working so far. I will post here if I experience any other issues.

Information you requested just in case.

Driver Version: Nvidia 385.28 (08/14/2017)

CPU: i7 6700k
Motherboard: Maximus VIII Hero Z170
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400mhz
+ Windows 10 Home
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Revert the driver to 378 or so. 385 is certified bad.
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We recently figured that crashlogs like the above indicate a conflict with sound drivers that use the Nahimic audio engine. If you've got anything audio installed like MSI Realtek, MSI Nahimic, ASUS Sound Studio, then this is likely the culprit. We've found that upgrading them to the latest in the some cases fixes the problem.
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YES This - just disabling the Nahimic service works and solves the random crashes i had with qt5 version of 16.5 and 17- its also found in Alienware computers ( I have area 51 r5 7900x 1080ti win 10 pro)
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